Experience with the use of Bactefort

Your stories, we decided to share Greta from Gothenburg (Sweden). A woman told me about how drops Bactefort help her and her son, that would get rid of the parasites, treatment of asthma and iron deficiency anemia.

Experience with the use of Bactefort

My son was born prematurely, so that all of the health problems, the doctors are to blame for the fact that he has not had time to get the right development in the womb. So when in the 2 years we had the first bronchitis, I said, to strengthen the immune system, prescribe medication, a stimulant, we recommend excursions to the sea, a visit to the salt caves and coniferous forests, as well as regular physical activity.

A terrible infection of my son

Despite the fact that we followed all the recommendations, obstructive bronchitis not long to wait. A large number of antibiotics, IVS, injections and inhalations for a three year old boy was difficult. After discharge from the hospital, my husband decided to change the climate, to leave for six months in warm countries. But as soon as we returned home, my son happened to bilateral pneumonia. The treatment was long-term and very serious, after discharge I felt awful despair, because there are no new recommendations did not give a positive effect.

In the 5 years my son was diagnosed with asthma. I was scared for the fate of the children, so I decided to take him to the private clinic, to a doctor who specializes in the cleaning of the bronchi and lungs. Of the examined children and the collection of medical history, the doctor said that should first be tested for parasites before you carry out any form of treatment. Inside I started laughing because I didn't see any connection between asthma and worms. But a very good reason – when they get the test results, I was in shock. It turned out that my son has asthma, and his lungs filled roundworm.

As my son managed to defeat the worms

I am very grateful to the doctor who advised us to get tested for parasites, because if I continue, that would, in fact, healthy children with asthma, who knows what would it ended. The Specialist recommended that we take a natural drop from the parasites Bactefort. I was very happy that no toxic and harmful drugs will not be used. My son drank a drop for the required time, after which we re-passed the tests, and the results showed, that the son is the body clean.

Now the child feels great, and I finally some time to yourself. Also, once the baby has iron deficiency anemia, I was tested long ago, but the cause was never found. So I used the iron in the capsules and try to eat food rich in these micronutrients. And so I thought, why should I e to ask for help, for alternative medicine and to go to the doctor, that is my son. After talking with me and looking for fresh test results, the doctor advised me to get tested for parasites, as it is proposed that worms can feed on the blood and thus a reduction of the hemoglobin and reduces the level of iron.

The results of the analysis I've been looking forward to, but they were just too good. While on the other hand, at least I knew that he was the cause of their problems and can be solved. The doctor, as well as son recommended that I drop Bactefort. I saw the drugs, of course, and then passed the tests and my body no parasites were found. A month later I decided to check the level of iron and it was normal, despite the fact that I have progressed. On health, this is very clearly reflected. Now I think I will be with my son and as a prophylaxis to drink a drop Bactefort.

I never thought to catch the worms, which is so simple, and so they can cause a variety of health problems. May our son story will help someone to find the causes of their disease and recover from them.